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MAking HeAlthy EAting A Lifestyle: EmbrAcing the Joy of Food

One of the biggest barriers to healthy eating is the idea that you’ll have to deprive yourself of your favorite foods or adhere to strict rules. But the reality is that you can eat food that’s great for your body while still enjoying the treats that make you happy. It’s all about finding a balance that works for you. When you allow yourself the flexibility to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation while prioritizing nourishing options most of the time, eating well doesn’t have to be restrictive or difficult.

WhAt Are the Best Foods for Weight Loss and Muscle GAin?

For many people, getting fit means losing weight and building muscle – and that means hitting the gym (or a home workout). And while exercise is key to hitting fitness goals, it’s important not to forget about what you’re putting into your body. The expression “you are what you eat” rings very true when it comes to getting lean and building muscle.

The Benefits of Eating Seasonal and Local Produce

Table of Contents Most of us know eating fruits and veggies is good for our health, but did you know there are additional benefits when you eat locally grown and in-season produce? From saving money to supporting local farmers to added nutritional value, locally grown and seasonal fruits and veggies are good for our bodies […]

How Processed Foods impAct Our HeAlth

Table of Contents If you’re focused on achieving a healthier diet, it can be difficult to choose with so many different fad diets and advice. But whether you’re considering a vegan diet, paleo, or gluten-free, there is one thing that most experts agree upon: we need to eat less processed foods. So what exactly are […]

The Connection Between Gut Health & Wellness

Table of Contents When you hear the word “bacteria,” you probably think of illnesses or diseases. And while some bacteria can make us sick, some are critical for our overall good health. The trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that live in our bodies are collectively known as the microbiome, and the ones that live […]

Nutrition Myths Busted

Table of Contents If you’re focused on wellness, you know how important nutritious and healthy eating is. Proper nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and critical to personal performance – whether in the gym or in day-to-day life. Meeting your wellness goals means consuming whole foods with high nutrient density, and avoiding fast […]

How to Get Back on Track after Falling off the Exercise & Healthy Eating Wagon

Table of Contents You’ve been crushing your workouts, making those green smoothies, and getting 8 hours of sleep every night. But slowly, you start to miss a workout here and there and find yourself eating dessert with every meal. Next thing you know, you’ve completely fallen off your exercise and healthy eating wagon. If this […]

5 Simple Steps to Healthy Eating

Table of Contents An integral part of any wellness program is eating. The old age “you are what you eat” rings very true, and whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, or just feel more energized, your diet plays a critical role. But in a society with abundant food choices at every turn and […]

Eating To Build Muscle Mass

As adults, what we eat affects our health and has an impact on how we lose or gain weight. We typically hear about eating certain foods and dieting to reach our weight goals when dropping a few pounds, but we fail to consider what foods help us build muscle to gain weight. Building muscle mass […]

How To EAt HeAlthy While Working From Home

Over the past year, there has been an 87% increase in the number of people working from home. Working from home isn’t all fun and games; there are also some challenges associated with remote work. One of the main things new remote workers discover is that there are a lot of temptations lurking around every […]