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Elements Of Custom Fitness Training Online

At Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching, we are proud to offer our proprietary online training and coaching resources directly through the Internet – to you! Our model has worked very well, especially through the COVID-19 era, in the unfortunate reality that we all face. We’re glad that we have helped many people to keep up their fitness programs for health goals

This is a particular kind of time – the coronavirus pandemic and other pressures have caused quite a few people to move from a gym to a home fitness environment. There is a growing demand for online models for personal training assistance, which is efficient in all sorts of important ways. You don’t have to drive to the gym, and the trainer doesn’t have to meet you there. Nobody’s coughing on anybody – etc.

However, the power of online training is in the interface that all parties use to communicate. Here are some key elements of what we deliver as we help our clients on the path to success.

To-Do Lists

On the app, you’ll see clear and identifiable lists of tasks carefully ordered and described for you every day. This is one of those guiding principles of using an online training interface successfully, and we’ve spent some time setting this up in preparation for helping our clients to succeed in optimizing their routines from home. 

Tracking Vitals

When you want to get to a particular destination, you want to start by knowing where you’re at right now. That’s true in the fitness world, too. Our vitals tracking dashboard provides you with those items like BMI and other key metrics that will have an impact on your overall fitness plan.

Training Circuit

Another key element of your online trading platform is your training circuit information. Users can click into a detailed description of their sets of exercises that have been set up according to their fitness needs, and their personal medical conditions and other factors.

Timed Exercises

With another click, you get into specific individual timed exercises, where a timer and other visuals help you to complete one task, and then another, in sequence.

A good interface is a true guide to personal wellness. It’s something that is absolutely fundamental to the process of reaching out online and offering good personalized training. Check out more at our FAQ to learn more about how this works, and check out all of the resources that we offer you, digitally, for your long-term wellness and capabilities.