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Four General Goals with Forge

Let’s talk a little bit about why people pursue fitness journeys. What are they looking for?

When you identify these goals, you can also see how we build customized plans to support each one of them. That’s very much a part of our top-tier training program and curriculum for fitness. As we design plans that work for our clients, we think deeply about the ways to walk a path toward improvement, and how we can help. 

Fat Loss

This is an essential part of so many fitness plans. People are wanting to cut weight down, and keep weight off. That’s directly tied to the evolution of fat content in the body. Simply put, it’s hard to reverse trends in obesity partly because of the food delivery system that we have, and partly for other reasons. 

That means that weight loss, in turn, is tied to fat intake in diet, as well as exercise levels. So people are getting smart about using both of these factors to micromanage their fat levels and BMI accordingly. In order to do this effectively, you need the science on your side, and nutritional input makes a difference. 

Muscle Gain

Some people also want to train in order to build healthy muscle.

There are specific ways that you do this, according to set reps and exercise schedules. Some people want to build visibly large muscles, while others want to build lean muscle mass that actually predominantly create strength rather than size.

We help with these kinds of goals to pencil them into your fitness plan.

General Fitness

Then there are those many people who sign up for general fitness goals, like supporting the body’s core.

There’s a lot to say about this – but you can start with the idea that better range of motion and mobility help to build up the muscles and structures that support the spine and other critical areas of the body’s anatomy.

So there’s a very direct through line to better health and positioning with better fitness.

Sports Performance

Others want to pursue fitness plans in order to improve their performance in some sport, either recreational or competitive.

We have specific sports performance plans available for a wide range of popular team sports and contact sports that our athletes are looking to excel in.

Talk to Forge about how to “forge ahead” with your fitness plan! Check out the resources that we have put on the site to understand why we’re number 1 with our clients, and how we facilitate your fitness success.