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How to Make Your Home a Serious Place to Work Out (on a Budget)

When it comes to working out, there’s no doubt that consistency is key to feeling results and hitting your desired goals. But if you’re always wondering where you’re going to hit your workout – whether it’s a gym, a yoga studio, or your living room – that can be a hindrance to maintaining a regular exercise schedule.

So if you’re looking to stay on track with your workouts, and don’t want to go to a gym every time, consider creating a home gym – simply and for minimal investment. We’ll tell you how! Just keep reading.

Step 1: Claim a dedicated space. When creating a home gym, you’ll want to find a space you can use that has room for everything you’ll need, such as mats, weights, and room to move. Even if you don’t have a lot of free space in your home, you can create a corner in your living room or basement, or if you have more space, a spare bedroom or a garage. It’s also important to ensure your space has minimal distractions that could take you away from your workouts.

And if you don’t have enough space to dedicate to a home gym that’s always set up and ready to go, think about creating an area where you can quickly and easily assemble and disassemble your equipment.

Step 2: Gather your workout essentials. Now that you’ve identified the space where you’ll be exercising, it’s time to evaluate what equipment you’ll need for the types of workouts you’ll be doing. If you’re unsure where to start or what types of exercises are right for you, consider working with a personal coach, like the great ones here at Future. They can not only create customized workouts for you but also ensure you have all the gear you’ll need for your home gym. 

Whether you’re brand new to exercise or looking to have more flexibility for where you can work out, getting set up at home can be simple and inexpensive. Consider starting out with just bodyweight – you can always evolve your home gym and add more equipment as your needs change. If you’re thinking about including a treadmill or exercise bike, those can be expensive and take up a lot of space. If you’re just starting out, you may not need those and can always incorporate outdoor walks or bike rides. But if you do have the space for larger equipment, you can go on the hunt for gently used equipment rather than buying brand new.  

Step 3: Keep your gym space special. To help ensure that you keep up with your exercise routine, it can be helpful to keep your home gym clean, organized, and dedicated to your physical fitness. Keep the space free of clutter and eliminate unnecessary distractions or stimuli that could derail your focus. That could mean picking up your kids’ toys, paperwork, mail, and shoes that could not only be distracting but also trip you up while moving around. When you’re ready to hit a workout, you don’t want to spend your time cleaning up so proactively keeping it organized can go a long way. 

Keeping your space sacred can also mean making it inviting and comfortable. You can add a mirror, lighting, motivational posters, plants, or anything else that brings you joy. If you don’t like the space, you could subconsciously start avoiding it, so it’s important that your home gym is a place where you want to spend time. 

Step 4: Use your home gym! This is probably the most important step on the list. Don’t spend so much time getting set up that you forget to actually workout! You can set a regular schedule – whether it’s in between gym workouts or only at-home – to make sure you stay consistent and get the most out of your home gym. 

A personal trainer or coach can also help hold you accountable and get you on a regular schedule for hitting your workouts. But whatever type of exercise you choose, just keep at it. And keep evolving your home gym so that it continues to serve you well.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a personal trainer could help support your fitness goals, schedule a time to chat with us. We have a team of certified coaches ready to help!