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Some personal fitness trainers are taking a page from someone else’s playbook and promoting some of those celebrity plans that are supposed to help whip you into shape.

We’re going on the direct plan put together by our founder Michael S. Parker in his groundbreaking book that focuses on self-improvement and better quality of life.

Parker’s 90 Day Habit book talks a lot about making changes – how the mind and the body connect, and how decisions made in the mind affect your physical life.

Here are some of the components of what you’ll find inside.

Structuring Workouts

Workout structure is key, but with the 90 Day Habit book, you get into the real work of figuring out what that structure should be, and why. The underlying dynamics promoted in the book make sense when applied to our fitness training regimens and how our clients pursue healthier results. 

Key MotivAtions

You can’t keep going when you feel depleted and worn out. So what are the motivators that affect you? By figuring out these things, you get a better outlook toward taking your wellness a step further. Get inspired to be your best self and unlock new fitness goals!

Destructive FAds

We all know that there are some get-thin-quick fads and myths in the industry that really throw people off their game and get them on the wrong track. Don’t fall victim to these kinds of misinformation. Parker addresses destructive fads and how to beat them!

Wellness Consciousness

In some ways, it’s all about self-awareness. Take a page from this book in identifying your own wellness mindset and making it what you want it to be. This wellspring can be part of making your fitness goals easier to reach, and getting you closer to your “desired state” on your fitness journey. 

Avoid Self-SAbotAge

Parker also includes some content on how to get around the pitfalls of self-sabotage that keep you from achieving your potential. The threat of self-sabotage and negative self-talk holds so many people back! But getting around that mental block frees you up to excel. 

Achieve intended outcomes with this groundbreaking fitness book and ask about the personalized plans that we provide as a top trainer. We want to be part of your upward journey to a healthy future! You can also see a lot of fitness options on the web site, and more about how to choose a plan that is right for you. We hope you’ll get in touch!