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The Future of Online Fitness: Technology And Trends

We may be biased, but virtual fitness is the future of wellness. The industry has seen remarkable growth over the last few years and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 26.72% from 2023 to 2030. Much of this has been driven by technological advancements and changing preferences as we’ve seen more customers shift from in-person gyms to the ease and convenience of online fitness platforms. 

So, what technology and trends can we expect in the future for the industry? Keep reading as we explore a few predictions. 

6 Online Fitness Trends to Keep an Eye On


  • Virtual Reality Fitness: Just like AI, virtual reality technology has proliferated in recent years, and with it, the ways in which it can improve online fitness platforms. VR is creating immersive fitness experiences that allow users to leave their homes and enjoy a workout routine in simulated environments. This can make virtual workouts more engaging and entertaining – and keep them from getting stale. Learn more about the science behind it in this article “The Science of Online Fitness Coaching: How Virtual Workouts Deliver Real Results“.

  • Custom Workouts – on Your Time: Some people might be worried that moving to an online fitness platform means cookie-cutter workouts that don’t meet their needs or schedule. But as technology has progressed, so too have the options for customized and convenient workouts. At Forge, we have a team of certified trainers and nutritionists who get to know you – your goals, challenges, and preferences. From there, we’re able to create a tailored workout regimen, along with nutritional advice. All you have to do is log into the app and get sweating – whenever is convenient for you! We can even tailor workouts based on your access to equipment – whether you’re at home or at the gym. There’s no reason that online training can’t feel as individual as an in-person session with a personal trainer. 

  • Social Fitness Platforms: Many people who go to the gym enjoy the social interactions and think they’ll miss out when using an online platform. But with social media integration in fitness apps, virtual platforms can still foster a sense of community, encouraging users to share achievements, participate in challenges, and connect with others for motivation and support.

  • Nutrition and Wellness Integration: Online fitness platforms can offer users a well-rounded experience, providing not only exercise programs but also nutrition guidance, mindfulness resources, and overall wellness tips for a holistic approach to health. A true one-stop shop for all things wellness!

  • Exercise Gamification: As most online platform creators already know, users love the fun and engagement of gamification – offering challenges, rewards, and competitions to keep users motivated. And fitness platforms are no different. Many apps offer their customers the opportunity to make workouts more enjoyable and keep people motivated through game-like interfaces and challenges.

  • Augmented Reality Technology: When considering using an online fitness platform, you might be concerned that you’ll miss out on the instruction and immediate feedback you get in an in-person environment. But with AR technology, fitness apps, and websites can overlay information or guidance onto the virtual environment so that users can still get crucial feedback or correction on their workout.

Online Fitness Will Keep Getting Better

While virtual fitness platforms can already provide outstanding workouts to users, the continued evolution of technology will allow them to offer more personalized, convenient, and engaging fitness experiences. And with those experiences, online platforms will be able to cater to individual needs and preferences, making health and wellness more accessible to a broader audience.

And if you’re ready to see how online fitness can work for you, reach out to us for a free consultation! We’d love to learn more about your needs and how our team of certified coaches can help.

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